Web development means the coding or the programming that sanctions the functionality of the website, as per the directions of the owner. The non-design aspect of building websites is generally addressed here, which includes, the writing markups and the coding.
Web-based applications, electronic business applications and social network applications, are the wide areas, web development encompasses. In general, Web development can be related to building, creating, and even maintaining a websites, afterwards.
PHP Development:
Well PHP programming language is also called a server-side HTML embedded scripting language.The PHP language runs on the server-side means that the execution of the scripts are done on the server where the web-site is hosted.
PHP, being an Open Source Technology, is havingnumerous benefits than the other web programming languages and there are no license charges for PHP and it is incredibly cost effective unlike othertechnologies.
In combination with PHP, some leading databases like MYSQL can easilybe integrated. Other existing web technologies like HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Ajax/ can be used along with PHP, for creating dynamic and interactive web pages.
This creates a lots of opportunity for the aspirants, who wish to choose PHP development, as his career option.
Here, we will be delivering you the opportunity to lay your hands on the latest technologies which are prominent now a days in this field, such as PrestaShop, Magento, WordPress, Shopify and Woocommerce etc.

What Can Be Learnt in PHP?

1)Core PHP:
In core PHP, coding for any website can be done from the scratch, and you can have the full command over the website. The prerequisite for core PHP are deep knowledge of PHP, MYSQL, HTML and CSS with other necessary components.

The main benefit for opting core PHP is that ‘the designing and the development part can be managed separately so as a clean and unambiguous code can be generated.
2)Content Management System:
Content management systems are used in the web development to manage everything from the Backend. CMS is the new throb in web development field and some of the popular CMS platforms are PrestaShop, Magento, WordPress, Shopify and Woocommerceetc. All these system consists of many exciting features that act as a time saver for Web development task and also result in a drop in development cost.
Not just are these free to download, but also they can be updated according to websites,requirements. They also offer free templates, extensions and free designs, which further reduces the hard work demanded by Web development.
In the first look it simply looks like another operating MS-Office, but in order to use it proficiently, one has to learn it in a good way. CMS, for being operated, has a very simple functionality but, as a developer, It should be learnt, effectively so that its workings can be extended to a beyond ordinary level and its benefits can be reaped . To start working, it demands a sound knowledge of Core PHP. And the best way to achieve this knowledge is getting oneself enrolled in PHPs development Program.
3) Frameworks:
Frameworks are another important aspect, to be considered, while working with PHP. They are the set of classes, which are also coded and one must have a sound knowledge of them while working,with PHP, on any project. They play an important part in designing of the website and they provide lots of unique features while designing phase of a website is going on.